Clarify Risk. Elevate Governance.

Risk. It’s everywhere. It’s fast, complex, and touches everything we do.

Hiding between disconnected data points and disparate, siloed systems.

It's time to turn on the light and clarify risk across your organization.

Benefits of clarifying risk


Elevated strategic risk management

Clarifying risk gives leaders the insights and data points they need to make more confident, risk-informed decisions that drive their organization forward.


Enabling growth

Seeing risk clearly empowers leaders with the ability to take bigger, bolder, and more ambitious steps that drive growth and create new revenue streams in the short and long term.


Elevated Compliance

Reinforcing investor confidence by showcasing an organization’s ability to identify and manage risk in a focused, responsible and sustainable manner.

The One Platform that revolutionizes the way boards, committees, and executives navigate risk.

Analytics, monitoring, and controls engine

The only GRC platform to deliver automated analysis of virtually any data, reduce manual work, build actionable insights, and continuously monitor results – expanding coverage while saving both time and money.

Purpose-built applications

Broadest set of best-in-class stand-alone GRC applications united on one platform enabling companies to have a single source of truth viewed through a single pane of glass, eliminating the need for multiple vendors.

Pre-built and customizable reporting templates

Never start from scratch with access to best practice templates developed with industry thought leaders so your reporting can easily provide boards, committees, and executives insight and clarity on risk in a clear, consistent format.

Secure and private generative AI

Take risk management to new heights with cutting-edge generative AI on the world’s most trusted and secure GRC platform. Our AI has been developed to not only super-charge public data insights for GRC and ESG but also designed for your privacy and security needs.

Embedded Market Intelligence and Third-Party Data Integrations

Leverage virtually any data source - from internal sources to Diligent proprietary data to a marketplace of over 100 API level integrations - that
are automatically imported into our analytics engine and give you the operational clarity you need.

Diligent One Platform

Better insights. Better oversight. Better decisions.

Eliminate the need for multiple vendors. The Diligent One Platform houses the broadest range of AI-powered GRC applications working together. So you have the tools you need to understand risk — and can easily curate, contextualize and report on those insights for the board.

The One Platform that delivers a unified and connected GRC experience.

Consolidate all your solutions on the broadest platform for GRC applications designed to deliver comprehensive insights into a single view of risk and associated controls. Helping free you from the unnecessary costs and frustrations of point solutions.

Risk & security management

✔ IT compliance certification

✔ IT risk management

✔ IT vendor management

✔ Enterprise risk management

Risk & Security Management

Audit & controls management

✔ Audit management

✔ SOX/Controls management

✔ ACL Analytics

...and more

Audit & controls management

Governance & board management

✔ Board management

✔ Entity & subsidiary management

✔ Compensation & Gov intel

...and more

Image 2

ESG - Diversity and sustainability management

✔ Carbon accounting

✔ Climate leadership

✔ ESG market intelligence

✔ Board diversity

Image 3

Ethics & Compliance management

✔ Policy management

✔ Compliance & ethics training

✔ Third party management

✔ Risk intelligence data

Ethics & Compliance management

Transform your governance and risk management with AI-powered solutions

Leverage the power of AI to elevate your organization’s governance, risk and compliance. The AI capabilities of the Diligent One Platform give you more clarity—so you can better manage the risks that matter to your organization.

Image of Elevate Governance for Boards and Leaders

Elevate Governance for Boards and Leaders

  • Create efficient, context-aware summaries of board materials to help directors easily digest information and glean insights.
  • Provide AI-powered insights into a company’s ESG focus and self-disclosed risk factors, enabling peer comparison and helping to identify industry trends.
  • Quickly assist with boards-related questions through a 24/7 AI-powered virtual assistant.
Image of Clarify Risk for Audit, Risk and Compliance Teams

Clarify Risk for Audit, Risk and Compliance Teams

  • Simplify the tedious process of mapping internal controls to regulatory requirements, enabling GRC professionals to efficiently demonstrate compliance.
  • Identify changes between two versions of the same regulation, categorizing them as significant, moderate or minor, enabling users to efficiently update related policies, risks and controls.
  • Empower users to create, edit and troubleshoot data integrations and data analytics scripts using plain language. This brings Diligent's powerful robotics capabilities (also known as ACL Analytics) to a broader audience.

Don’t just deliver data in the boardroom. Deliver clarity.

Empower your leaders to make the right decisions with reports that speak their language. Access exclusive pre-configured, customizable templates and dashboards, so you can present exactly the level of detail directors need. All in the world’s leading governance management platform that board members already know and trust.

The One Platform built to deliver risk insights in a clear and consistent format.

Control what information is presented to the board with a comprehensive and ever-expanding set of pre-built and customizable templates and dashboards.

Best practice templates
Never start from scratch with best practice templates, developed with industry thought leaders for critical GRC workflows.

Board-ready dashboards
Pre-built and customizable reporting dashboards give boards, committees, and executives insight and clarity on risk in a clear, consistent format.

Board reporting for audit

Streamline audit reporting to visualize key year-overyear performance metrics for the board and relevant committees. Easily track and communicate audit plan and control testing progress as well as open high and critical issues, highlighting deficiencies or weakness and their potential impact.

Board reporting for audit

Board reporting for cyber risk

Manage and simplify internal IT and cyber risk data collection in one secure platform. Present an aggregated view of cyber and IT risk across the organization from a centralized source of truth. Deliver a complete perspective on your risk posture with cyber risk scores from trusted third parties BitSight and SecurityScorecard.

Ciber Risk Dashboard

Board reporting for ERM

A holistic view of external risk with access to Moody's data including credit risk assessments, supplier performance risks scores, credit sentiment scores and country risk index. Data-driven decision-making to pre-emptively identify risk and enhance oversight, and foster proactive risk management strategies.

Board reporting for ERM

Board reporting for ESG

Share insight into the relationship between company performance and stakeholder perception on sustainability and ESG. Communicate progress on carbon targets and peer benchmarks along with the context of trending ESG scores from S&P Global and Clarity AI, benchmarked against industry averages.


Board reporting for investor engagement

Clearly see who your top investors are, the issues they care most about, and how your organization benchmarks against peers on those issues. A complete view of investors, key issues and benchmarking can help companies better understand voting behavior so they can monitor and pre-empt activism.

Investor engagement dashoard

More clarity. More confidence. One platform.

At every level of your organization.


Board directors

Get clear and consistent insight into company performance and risk.

✔ See risk and performance through consistent and easily digestible formats.
✔ Extract key insights and monitor strategy to see the big picture.
✔ Stay ahead of evolving regulations around hot topics like cyber and ESG.



Enables executives to mitigate risk, make informed decisions, and seize opportunities.
✔ Clearly see a contextualized picture of perception vs. reality.
✔ Convey a clear and concise story to the Board.
✔ Establish a detailed organizational view to hone and improve company ✔ performance.


GRC practicioners

The only platform that unites audit, risk, compliance & ESG practitioners.
✔ Never start from scratch with best in-class templates and dashboards.

✔ Pursue bigger, bolder ambitions with confidence.

✔ Enable data collection and analysis to report with confidence and ease.

See the Diligent One Platform in action.

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